Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barcelona vs Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2009 Final Live Updates

Final score

Barcelona (2) vs Manchester United (0)

90+3 minutes: History is made. Barcelona has won the match. Thanksf or being with us

90+2 minutes: watiing for teh final whistle. CHange of player for barcelona just to waste some seconds

89 minutes: Barcelona supporters are singing in happiness while Man United fans are laving the stadium.

87 minutes: Corner for Man United but Barteov gave a bad header

85 minutes: Messi just missed a easy opportunity

83 minutes: Freekick for Barcelona but nothing happened

80 minutes: Now Scholes shown yellow card for a wreckless challeneg

78 minutes: Ronaldo earned unnecessary yellow card

77 minutes: Man Utd on attack again

73 minutes: What a miss from Ronaldo. It is now Manchester United's night.

71 minutes: Messi has scored the second goal. Barcelona has scored the second goal. Excellent head from Xavi's cross.

70 minutes: Corner for United but very badly taken

68 minutes: Bad pass towards Ronaldo. United players are out of their rhythm now

65 minutes: Henry threatened but United defense held on. CHange of player. Barbetov has come in place of Park now. It should have been done long ago

63 minutes: Rooney had an excellent run in the right wing and earned a corner, but the corner was poorly taken.

61 minutes: A threatening attack from United, but Rooney was offside

59 minutes: Manchester United is looking for the equalizer.

56 minutes: Barcelona is now on attack.

53 minutes: Xavi's free kick for the woodwork. Badluck for Barcelona.

50 minutes: Another threatening attack from Barcelona, Messi appealed for penalty

49 minutes: What a miss from Henry, and what a save by Edwin van der Ser. Henry got the ManU keeper alone, but still failed to score.

46 minutes: Second half started just now. Tevez has come into the field in place of Anderson.

This is now half time in the Champions League final 2009. We will be back with second half action. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the match.

45+1 minutes: Iniesta and Henry formed the last attack before half time.

45 minutes: Messi had a run on the left wing and crossed to box, but nothing happened. 1 minute of time added on.

43 minutes: Barcelona attacked, but United keeper was up to the mark.

41 minutes: Manchester United had a good attack, Park lost the possession in the end.

39 minutes: Neither side is currently dominating in the match.

36 minutes: Barcelona got a corner, but Pique just failed to head it home.

33 minutes: Evra sent a pass to the box from the left wing, but no body was there to receive it.

30 minutes: Manchester United is relying on counter-attacking football.

27 minutes: Xavi took an excellent free kick, but it went just off the target.

25 minutes: Barcelona is attacking more now.

22 minutes: Wayne Rooney earned a corner, but nothing happened in the end.

19 minutes: Messi's long range shot just missed the target. A threatening attack from Barcelona.

17 minutes: Pique shown yellow card for turning Ronaldo down just outside the box. Giggs free kick went over the bar.

13 minutes: Barcelona is playing better now, while Manchester United is trying to get the equalizer.

10 minutes: Samuel Eto'o scored from a close range shot now. Barcelona is now leading by 1-0.

8 minutes: Ronaldo's close-range shot went just off the target

6 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances.

4 minutes: Manchester United attacked again, but nothing happened this time.

2 minutes: Manchester United had a threatening attack as they earned a free kick and then a corner.

Barcelona and Manchester United are going to take on each other in a mouth-watering battle in Rome today as the two European powerhouses are gearing up to win Champions League title this year. The final match between Barcelona and Manchester United will kick off from 19:45 BST (British Standard Time) on 27 May 2009.

Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the Champions league 2009 final with text commentary. So, be with us for the live updates when the match resumes. To get the updated score, you just need to refresh or reload the page after every few minutes.


  1. come on manchester united!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for the updates

  3. barca!!way to go :)

  4. What's wrong with Manchester United

  5. Barcelona has just made my day,pity i couldnt watch the game.

  6. oh well, United can't be the best all the time!

  7. Oh well, United can't be the best all the time!

  8. Barca rocks!!luv u messi!!

  9. Shouldn't have played Ferdinand .. he's not match fit .. barcelona are good because man u made them look good ...Man U defenders were bad ... many teams could have beaten them based on this performance