Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to SouthAsia37 Blog

It seems that my fate is some how related to South Asian region and I do not mind it because I was born in this part of the world and have lived almost all of my life here. This is perhaps my 5th blog about South Asia in the last 3 years. I have seen success in all of the previous four. So, I am optimistic about it too. You may wonder why I left the previous 4. Well, I did not leave them. Actually, I used to write for Know More Media blog network and there I used to write about South Asian Business and Indian Business. The blog network got closed because of economic recession and some other reasons and I lost the two successful blogs.

Then I joined another network and did not continue after 4-5 months. So, on January 2009, I opened and it is still going on smoothly. In fact, this month, it has received almost 100,000 page views- a good traffic for a 4-5 month old blog. In South Asia Blog, I am supposed to cover business and economy related topics. However, what happens from time to time is that I try to cover off topics such as sports and entertainment.

As a result, often, I digress from my main theme and it becomes a big problem because it destroys the beauty of the main topic. That is why; I strongly felt the need to open a new blog on South Asia. I want to cover different aspects of South Asia in this blog.

So, if you are interested about South Asia in anyway, then you will like this blog hopefully. So, warm welcome to South Asia 37.

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