Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tata Received More Response for Nano’s Luxury Model

You know that Tata Motors has created a buzz in the Indian car market with its world’s cheapest car Nano which goes on sale with the initial price of $2,600. Tata Motors needed almost 4 years and 500 engineers to come up with Nano minicar. However, now it seems that most of the car users are less attracted by the base model of Nano; rather they are more attracted towards the luxury model of Nano which will have air-conditioning and cup board facility.

Tata Nano received 203,000 bookings for Nano car in which 20% bookings were for the base model, while 40% customers booked for the luxury model of the car. You might think that this is bad news for Tata, but the reality is that this could open up an opportunity for Tata Motors to make more profit because the profit margin in the luxury model is better than the base model.

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